Chapter 16ProblemSet

Chapter 16ProblemSet - amino acid A2 a This deletion does...

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Chapter 16 C3) Forward Mutation (changes the wild-type genotype into a new variation) Deleterious Mutation (decreases the chance of survival) Lethal Mutation (results in the death of the organism) C7) a) Reversion – inappropriate; didn’t mutate back valine codon back to glycine codon b) Intergenic Suppressor - appropriate; mutation occurred in a different gene from the first mutation c) Missense Mutation – appropriate; amino acid change occurs A1) a) (after transition gene mutation) AGTTAT G TGGGAGAA (Watson) TCAATA C ACCCTCTT (Crick) b) (after transversion gene mutation) (Solution 1) AGTTAT A TGGGAGAA TCAATA G ACCCTCTT (Solution 2) AGTTAT T TGGGAGAA TCAATAAACCCTCTT c) (after deletion gene mutation) AGTTATCTGAA TCAATAGACTT This would be a frameshift mutation if the number of nucleotides deleted was not divisible by three, as three nucleotides are read to encode one
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Unformatted text preview: amino acid. A2) a) This deletion does not produce a frameshift because even though the nucleotides deleted is still not divisible by three, the start codon appears after the deletion so the reading frame would not be thrown off. b) It expresses no functional alpha subunit because the proper amino acid sequence was changed after the deletion of the +22 and +23 nucleotides. A3) A to C : no effect because of its location in the promoter T to C: no effect because introns are excised out during transcription GCC to GCT : no effect because GCT would still translate as GCU which codes for the same amino acid AGG to CGG: no effect because they both code for Arg GCU to GGU: no effect because position 306 is not a conserved sequence...
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Chapter 16ProblemSet - amino acid A2 a This deletion does...

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