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BIO325 - Lecture 8

BIO325 - Lecture 8 - BIO325 February 7 2008 Translation I...

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BIO325 February 7, 2008 Translation I. RNA Processing a. Lariat i. Phosphodiester covalent bond II. Translation a. Overview i. Coding of mRNA to protein is not a 1:1 code 1. Read three nucleotides at a time to code for one amino acid 2. Called a “codon” ii. Anti-codon 1. Group of three nucleotides in a tRNA that pair with a mRNA codon iii. The order of the nucleotides in the codon dictates what tRNA comes onto the ribosome 1. tRNA carrying a particular amino acid 2. Code is indirect and interpreted by tRNA iv. Coding area typically takes up a much larger proportion of mRNA, but is usually interior portion that is translated v. Ends of mRNA that are not translated 1. 5’ untranslated region a. Pyrimidine b. +1 Nucleotide i. First nucleotide transcribed by RNA pol (hence 5’ position) ii. Transcription starts there 2. 3’ untranslated region 3. Helpful a. Existence of two areas reminds us that transcription is different from translation vi. Start Codon 1. Where translation is started by the ribosome 2. Defines entire reading frame of ribosome and whole polypeptide a. First by marking start codon b. Then next three, etc. vii. Stop Codon 1. Where translation stops by the ribosome 2. Transcription termination site is not a stop codon, but its where transcription stops viii. Initiation and Termination of transcription and translation are completely different 1. Location
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2. Sequences
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BIO325 - Lecture 8 - BIO325 February 7 2008 Translation I...

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