Exam One - Johansen 1 Houston Johansen Professor Lahoud...

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Johansen 1 Houston Johansen Professor Lahoud Political Science 101 February 19, 2007 Exam One Question 1: Politics is at the center of human life. Although, generally and contemporarily thought of in terms government only, politics occurs everyday at the individual, local, national, and global levels. All of us, whether we know it or not, practice the art of politics each and everyday. The reason that politics is so central to everyday human life is that it is concerned with the distribution, and use of recourses. Because humans have limitless wants, some necessary and some not, and the world we live in has only so much to go around, the ways in which recourses are used and distributed are of tantamount importance to all. Hence, politics are central to the human condition. This reality of existence, where there is simply not enough to satisfy all needs and wants creates a certain level of fear. Namely, the fear that because there is not enough to go around, each person will live with the fear that they will be the ones caught on the short end of the resource stick. Each person or group, because of this fear, inevitably begins to try and shape situations to cause a certain, personally desirable outcome. Under these dog eat dog conditions it becomes obvious to those individuals and a group that the more power one person or group wields, the greater ability they will have to favorably affect the outcome of a situation. Thus, the more power one has, the more recourses they can secure for
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Johansen 2 themselves or their group. Consequently, politics becomes centered around power. Power is of course the domination of one group or individual by another group or individual. Generally speaking power is consolidated in the hands of those who control, either through natural talent or through innovation, the greatest amount of force. Though those with power may never have to use the force they have to alter a situations outcome in their favor, force is behind all power in the world. Thus, the definition of politics can be expended to include the use and sharing of power between different groups and people, and thus the domination of some by others. There are many great examples of this reality throughout human history, but none are quite so expansive, personal, and timely as the subjugation of women. Though many reasons have been given over time to explain the
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Exam One - Johansen 1 Houston Johansen Professor Lahoud...

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