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PHL 157 Mitchell P. Jones Individual, Community, Cosmos Take-Home Exam Goucher College Due: March 29, via email: mitchell.jones@goucher.edu Directions: Answer two (2) of the questions listed below. You should approach writing your answer as you would in writing a short paper. The questions may be treated separately, but you may find some overlap between them. So, feel free to draw upon themes from other questions when answering the two you pick. As a guideline, each question can be from two – three pages long. Be sure to state your thesis, i.e., your answer to the question, in a thesis statement that is introduced by a succinct explanation of the topic. Your answer should be in your own words, but it is important to quote directly from the text to show your knowledge of the text. Citations may be page numbers in parentheses after the quotations. 1. As described in the Crito , what is the relationship of the laws of the state to the people
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Unformatted text preview: they govern? Give two other examples from two other dialogues and show how these examples illustrate this relationship. 2. What are the differences that separate knowledge, belief, and ignorance? Illustrate these three with examples (where possible) from the dialogues and explain why they illustrate each. 3. What is the dynamic of the perplexed knower? Explain how the method of hypothesis in the Phaedo and Diotimas characterization of love in the Symposium articulate this dynamic movement. You might also give an example of someone who is clearly not a perplexed knower to show the character the person is missing. 4. What are Platos reasons for doubting that sense experience is the primary source of our knowledge? What does he offer as an alternative source of our knowing?...
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