Bethany 1304 Spring 2008 Syllabus

Bethany 1304 Spring 2008 Syllabus - English 1304 THINKING,...

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English 1304 THINKING, WRITING, AND RESEARCH Spring 2008 Section 30 (MWF 10:00 pm) Section 50 (MWF 1:00 pm) Instructor Information : [email protected] Carroll Science 413 Office Phone (254)710-6885 Office Hours: MWF 11:00-1:00 and by appointment Materials : Guide for Freshman Composition (on Blackboard under Course Documents) Wood, Perspective on Argument, 5 th ed. Glenn, Miller & Webb, The Writer’s Harbrace Handbook, 3 rd ed. Recommended Resources : The Writing Center, located on the ground floor of Carroll Science, G-09 Course Description : This course is designed to teach students two things: 1) By reading and discussing that reading in our class, students will learn thinking skills necessary for good writing. 2) Students will learn to use research tools in order to collect research on a topic of their choosing. They will then learn to incorporate that research into their own argument. Our course will be roughly divided in half: during the first half we will focus on reading, writing, and research skills. In the second half, we will focus on applying those skills to a polished research paper. Course Objectives : According to Baylor’s “Guide for Freshman Composition,” the objectives for this class are as follows: “While continuing to build on the knowledge and skills developed in English 1302, English 1304 focuses on the relationship between critical reading and writing in an academic context. Students will learn to read sources carefully and critically and to evaluate information and arguments; to represent their reading accurately and fairly through summary, paraphrase, and quotation; and to use sources appropriately in their own writing. They will also learn to use an academic library and appropriate
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Bethany 1304 Spring 2008 Syllabus - English 1304 THINKING,...

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