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Test 3 Review - Use the Malthusian growth formula, P m = (1...

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Test 3 Chapter 10 1. Know the meanings of the terms sample space, outcome, experiment, event, union, intersection, mutually exclusive and complement. 2. Be able to find experimental probability. 3. Be able to find theoretical probability. 4. Identify situations as the fundamental counting principle, permutation or combination. 5. Be able to work all problems assigned on the syllabus. Chapter 12 1.
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Unformatted text preview: Use the Malthusian growth formula, P m = (1 + r) m P o . Given some of the information, be able to find missing information. 2. Use the decay rate formula. Be able to find half life. 3. Know how to use Carbon-14 dating. 4. Be able to use the logistic growth model. Find the initial population fraction and the steady state population. 5. Be able to work all problems on the syllabus....
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