baepikea - BAEP 452 February 5th, 2007 Ikea Case Ikea...

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BAEP 452 February 5 th , 2007 Ikea Case Ikea successfully entered the furniture retailing business in Sweden during wartime. Traditionally furniture had been passed down, but householders where now looking for a new inexpensive way to decorate their homes. The current market only allowed for expensive furnishing and prices where at increasingly large rates, and that is when Ikea realized their opportunity. He wanted to provide furniture at a price where everyone could afford it. Internationalization is what made IKEA that huge success that it is today. For a company to have such high sales it must be meeting an extremely large market. IKEA ignored the preconceived idea that furniture was a local business and decided to distribute within Europe. By opening large stores internationally and providing a unique experience and advertising, visitors began to become loyal customers. Other countries responded aggressively but could not compete with IKEA’s concept. Like most highly successful entrepreneurs Ingvar Kamprad was driven by making
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baepikea - BAEP 452 February 5th, 2007 Ikea Case Ikea...

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