baepinterview - BAEP 451 October 4, 2006 Interview of an...

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BAEP 451 October 4, 2006 Interview of an Entrepreneur Joey Menichini is a very well known clothing manufacturer in Southern California. Los Angeles is often viewed as the biggest fashion capitol in the United States and Joey has been consistently making his mark in this highly competitive industry. With 29 years of expertise he is constantly trying to stay ahead in the demanding fashion industry whether it be adding new innovations to his factory or taking the next step in entrepreneurship. Although his start began in binding and assembling, he has spread his knowledge of business entrepreneurship into various fields. Joey Menichini was one of the first people that came to mind when discussing this interview between group members. Ashley Obradovich, one of the group members, has a good friend, Victoria Salisbury, that was starting a clothing line with the help of Joey. He had met Victoria through his daughter, who is also a USC student, and immediately realized her talent. Joey believes in helping out young entrepreneurs, and has taken Victoria under her wing. Ashley had met him briefly with her friend and discussed his profession with him only to realize she had the same interests and career goals. While discussing Joey as a potential interviewee all of group members thought he would be perfect in helping the group get a closer look at entrepreneurship in the fashion and manufacturing clothing industry. Superior Bias focuses on binding, textiles, and trim. The company receives partially manufactured clothing goods from established clothing lines needing the services Superior Bias offers. Most clothing lines provide the materials needed to
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baepinterview - BAEP 451 October 4, 2006 Interview of an...

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