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Computer Science as a major - Essay #2 - My Major: Computer...

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Essay #2 - My Major: Computer Science My major is Computer Science. I picked this major because ever since I was a child, computers and technology have come easy to me. Some things about this major are very pleasing, and others are somewhat scary. I also like to think that with this major I can make a difference in the world by promoting something called “Free Software.” If I do end up with a degree in computer science, I think I will likely become a System Administrator. I could also see myself becoming a programmer as I already know how to program and find it quite enjoyable. I feel rather strongly about something called “Free Software.” The Free Software movement is exactly like it sounds. I stand by the idea that software needs to be open source so that it may be more secure and open. This type of software is also usually given away for free, although it is possible to make money selling support for the software. Today lots of popular software is closed source and therefore unmodifiable. As a fond tinkerer, the prospect of not being able to modify my software is appalling. It's like buying a car with the hood welded shut. I like to think that if I try to stand behind this movement and write important software that people use, I can effectively promote free software. This is one of the reasons I still feel strongly about getting a degree in Computer Science. With a job as a System Administrator I could probably promote free software around my workplace. A System Administrator manages and repairs wired and wireless computer networks for different corporate infrastructures. System Administrator is frequently abbreviated as sysadmin. Entry-level pay for a sysadmin usually tends to be around $60,000 a year. This can increase by about $5,000 a year for every computer related certification you have. I consider this to be pretty high paying for entry level, and this is one of the reasons I have considered this career.
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Computer Science as a major - Essay #2 - My Major: Computer...

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