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Mass Comm Writing assign 2

Mass Comm Writing assign 2 - Television Violence and how...

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Television, Violence, and how they Correlate to our Society By An Assignment Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for COMM3018: Mass Communication Dr. Jennifer K. Lehr Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies 13 November 2007 There is a widespread cultivation of our society, which is being induced by television. We learn from George Gerbner that “cultivation is the building and
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Davis 2 maintenance of stable sets of images of life and society” (Storyteller). There are three types of stories: the way things work, the way things are, and what we ought to do about them (Storyteller). Considering the fact that we hear most of our stories from television, we should assume that these programs will cultivate values and shape our views on the outlook we have of life. If we think back to Fiske, we remember the idea of empiricism. If we apply content analysis to television, we are able to find specific patterns throughout the programming (Fiske). In saying this, we constantly encounter a major theme within television; violence. Gerbner thinks that “these patterns are absorbed gradually by viewers, without their ever becoming consciously aware of them” (Fiske). There are certain patterns on television that pertain to violence in a way which gives us a false view of how the world really is and a backwards view of what is right and wrong, how things actually work, how they actually are, and what we really ought to do about them. The National Television Violence Study showed that 44% of the shows on network stations, 59% on basic cable, and 85% on premium channels all contained at least some violence (Szaflik). When television contains this much violence you can be sure there will be some sort of effect. These violent images may contribute to aggression, especially among men (Morgan).
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Mass Comm Writing assign 2 - Television Violence and how...

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