Walker Evans

Walker Evans - over the doorway contrasting the dark drab...

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Think back to a time in your life when you had no idea what the future had in store for you. Think about a time when you had no money, no job, no food, but most of all you had no hope. Think of your parents, broken mentally and physically, and for the first time you see them cry out, hopeless, and bewildered. Most people can’t think back to a situation like that. This is exactly what Walker Evans is trying to display, the fact that life as we know it, was the complete opposite for so many Americans just a few decades ago. Walker Evans took the picture to impart information about one of the darkest periods in American history. The people who lived in the house literally had nothing. All they seem to own is a kerosene lamp, sitting atop a shabby table garnished by a raggedy tablecloth, adorned with poorly constructed chairs. Perched atop an empty cabinet is a seemingly equally empty jar. A bright white towel drapes
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Unformatted text preview: over the doorway contrasting the dark drab background. Among a list of things that re are missing from the picture is the family who inhabits the house. Most likely the entire family is out desperately looking for a job, trying to escape the harsh reality that they face every time they go back home empty handed. Night after night as each member of the family comes home, without a penny in their pocket they pass the doorway with the towel, and somehow it doesnt seem to matter. The struggle of everyday life seems to wash away as the bond of family binds together. The towel no matter what is key to the picture and symbolically key to every household in an everyday struggle. No matter what happens you can always go home walk through the front and was your life of all the hardships, through the love of family....
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Walker Evans - over the doorway contrasting the dark drab...

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