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Project 1: Report By: James Chung Date: October 6, 2007 Class: CS 31 – Lecture 3 Project 1 is the first project of our CS 31 class, and introduces the student to several of the errors made in programming. Step 5 asks the user to input numbers that will create “nonsensical results from reasonable input”. To fulfill this goal, I told the program that I went 20 miles, but used 0 gallons. When taking a look at the formula for MPG, it is distance divided by gallons used, and if we use the values that I put in, the program would be dividing by 0. This is undefined, and the program sends out a huge number (10000000000…etc). Also in another case, I told the program that I traveled -10 miles, which doesn’t make sense because distance is always positive. Then, I said that 2 gallons were used, and for output it says that I get -5 miles per gallon. Although no error was created and the math is technically correct, this set of data obviously does not make sense, because distance as well as miles per gallon is not suppose to have a negative value associated
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