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Supplemental Problems for Math 5 Quiz 2: Quiz problems will be selected from this list of problems; they will never be collected. 3.2#28,35,38,40,43,50-53 3.3#15,18,31,34,57,63 3.5#41,42,45-52,57,61,62,73,80 3.6#4,9,10,21,23,26,33,37,43,75,79,82 4.1#31-33,43,44,51,59,60 Quiz 3 covers problems from these sections only.
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Unformatted text preview: Midterm 1 covers from 1.7 to 4.4. 4.2-4.4 are not on any quiz, only the midterm. Here are recommended problems from those sections: 4.2#3,10,13,29,35,39,75,77,81,83 4.3#8,15,23,24,40,45,48,55,58 4.4#15,17-19,22,23...
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