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Channels of Distribution Retail Margin- The percentage of a product’s retail selling price that the retailer receives as commission for selling that product. Channel Support- Funding a promotion campaign to encourage retailers to stock and promote your bikes. This is useful for achieving a short term boost in distribution coverage. Marketing Channel- The series of entities or intermediaries (wholesalers & retailers) Value of Intermediaries- Channel functions or activities (storage, transportation, financing, selling, etc.) Channel Length- The # of levels or types of intermediaries (direct vs. indirect) Intensive- Distribute in as many retail outlets as possible Selective- A preferred group of available retailers in an area; between intensive and exclusive Exclusive- Typically only one (or very few) outlets in each geographic area Debt (financing provided by lenders/creditors) o Banks o Bondholders Equity (financing provided by shareholders/stockholders) o Preferred stockholders o Common stockholders Shareholder’s Equity on a Balance Sheet o Share Capital Preferred stock- “preferential” treatment over common stock Common stock o Retained Earnings
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Firm’s cumulative net income less any dividends paid out (i.e. that portion of the
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SBTest3StudyGuide - Channels of Distribution Retail Margin-...

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