Study Guide 1 - INTRODUCTION(Ch 1 Definition of psychology...

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Unformatted text preview: INTRODUCTION (Ch 1): Definition of psychology; goals of psychology. Psychology- scientific study of behavior and the mind. Goals-describe behavior, understand and predict behavior, optimize behavior The different influences on psychological thought (how they developed and their basic premise): Nativism and the nature-nurture issue;- you need both nature and nurture Wundt, introspection, and structuralism; early approach that emphasized the analysis of immediate experience into basic elements James and functionalism; behavior and consciousness. Influenced by Darwin Watson and behaviorism; problems with introspection. Solution focus only on observable behavior in carefully controlled experiments Freud and psychoanalysis; theory of personality and a method of psychotherapy. Strong emphasis on unconscious Rogers and humanistic psychology. Criticism of freud psychology. Emphasizes the human potential for self-awareness choice responsibility and growth SCIENTIFIC METHODS (CH 2): Goals of psychological research. Steps in the scientific method. The different types of descriptive techniques and their advantages and disadvantages (case study, naturalistic observation, surveys, laboratory observation and tests). Advantages and disadvantages of correlational studies. Advantage: The only method appropriate for very unusual cases Disadvantages- External validity: Is that one individual representative?, Verification: How do you know that one individual is being truthful?...
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Study Guide 1 - INTRODUCTION(Ch 1 Definition of psychology...

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