topic paper 2 - David P Rankin 18 March 2008 Violence in...

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David P Rankin 18 March 2008 Violence in America: Topic Paper 2 Rape, by definition, is still not up to terms with today’s society. According to the dictionary; rape is unlawful compelling of a woman through physical force or duress to have sexual intercourse. However, as we are all well aware rape is not limited to only women, but only recently have men who have been raped began coming forward. While rape committed by men to women is a highly unreported crime, male on male rape is even worse. Do either “ask for trouble”, the sociological answer would be no. An individual, man or woman does not ask to be raped, by what they are wearing, however they act or what they do or say. The psychological answer however, may be much different. I cannot speak for rapists or rape victims, as I have never been, nor plan to be; either. Through research and class work in the field I can better understand the crime, the perpetrators and the victims themselves. In almost half of all reported rape cases, alcohol is involved, while less than 30% of rape cases involve alcohol consumption by neither party. Through the psychological aspect, a hindrance of the senses due to alcohol or drug use can lead to a mixed interpretation of the signals either party is sending out. What an individual is saying or doing up to a certain point, even including foreplay, may be legal, but no is no, and anything further following that point is legally rape. Vulnerable situations are key to solving sexual assault crimes, where the victim had been in the hours previous to the attack will lead, in almost every case, to finding the attacker. This investigative procedure could lead to doubt on the victim, whether they were out at a bar drinking in the hours previous, or involved in other sexual
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escapades prior to the attack itself. This does not make rape OK by any means, but in today’s society, you are immediately judged on how you look, act and speak. Making the investigation and prosecution of rapists, and the cooperation of the rape victim, much more difficult.
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topic paper 2 - David P Rankin 18 March 2008 Violence in...

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