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CSE 140 Homework # 6 Due date: Monday, November 6 at 4:00 pm You must show ALL steps for obtaining the solution. Just reporting the correct answer, without showing work performed at each step will result in getting 0 points for that problem. Text book: Contemporary Logic Design (2 nd Edition) I 5.3(a)(b)(c), 6.7, 7.22 II State Reduction: 8.2 (use row matching) 8.4 (use implication charts) II State Assignment: 8.7(a) (b), 8.8 IV State Partitioning:
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Unformatted text preview: 8.14, 8.15 Turn-in instructions: Please note that the due date for this assignment is Monday, November 6 at 4:00 pm. Please drop your homework in TA, Sashikanth Madduri’s mail box (located in CSE 2237) before 4pm on 11/06. If it is not possible for you to drop it in the mail box, you can email a scanned version (in pdf or word format) to the TA ([email protected]) before the due time. Late submissions will not be graded....
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