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chap14collapse - Also societies may not realize problems as...

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Diviya Agrawal 9/26/07 Collapse Chapter 14 Summary In Chapter 14, Diamond gives various reasons for why societies make decisions which lead to the collapse of their society. One reason Diamond suggests is that a society may not see a problem coming because they do not understand it or have never dealt with such a thing before. Another reason is that they might migrate and expect their environment to be the same as before but it is different although it seems to be similar.
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Unformatted text preview: Also societies may not realize problems as they are subtle and slow moving but when they are evident, it is be too late. People may also disagree about certain policies that are made to help the society and so they are never implemented. Diamond also blames leaders who make bad decisions or are only self-motivated. Diamond’s ultimate reason for disastrous decision making is denial that the problem even exists....
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