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Diviya Agrawal 9/17/07 Collapse: Chapter 4 1. What are the environmental, societal, and psychological causes of the collapse of the society in the chapter you were assigned to read? The environmental causes of the collapse of the Anasazi and the neighboring civilizations are the combination of water loss, deforestation, and drought. The Anasazi made irrigation channels which led to very deep arroyos which could not be used until they filled up as they were below the “field level”. This made it difficult to maintain their water supply for the agriculture. The Anasazi also were in the very dry climate of southwest America and had few trees. They had to go into the mountains to get trees which was both strenuous and time consuming. Also the Anasazi had a drought which means they could not grow the crops they needed to survive. Socially and Psychologically, the Anasazi tribes fell because for one they depended on other societies in Mexico and New Mexico for good such as trees, pottery, jewelry, and stone tools. Because they imported more than they exported they
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