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DIviya Agrawal 9/3/07 ICSM-10107 Buttermilk Falls Walk Reflection I come from New York City and was delighted to find out we were going to explore the wilderness. I love the outdoors and take advantage of every opportunity to appreciate nature. The Buttermilk Falls amazed me. I could not believe that such a lovely place is right around the corner of Ithaca College. As we walked down the beaten path I felt at ease: the incredibly fresh air had an instantaneous calming effect on myself. I found myself repeatedly sighing the phrase “this is so beautiful!” I also love hiking as I recently discovered this summer when hiking a 2,000 foot mountain on an island in Greece. The combination of exercise, a melodic flow of water, the aesthetically pleasing
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Unformatted text preview: surroundings, and bonding with my classmates put me in a cheerful and optimistic mood. I will definitely be visiting the gorges soon again, as I am sure this great mood will not linger as college becomes more demanding. I found the Buttermilk Falls to be very valuable because it allows the people of Ithaca and surrounding areas to appreciate nature. Especially since this town is a college town, it is important for the students from both IC and Cornell University to understand how important it is to preserve the environment, as they are the ones who must implement change. It is also important to have public environments where people can explore and relax....
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