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Unformatted text preview: Ithaca Seminar Lecture on Diversity by Dr. Maura Cullen in the Emerson Suites on September 19 th . Please make sure that you sign in with your instructor at the event. Please answer the following questions (~ ½ page) and submit to section WebCT site by 9/21. 1. What was the lecture about and what did you learn from it? The diversity lecture by Maura Cullen made to open the students’ eyes to the different stereotypes and biases we carry around everyday. For example Maura Cullen referred to many forms of discrimination such as skin color, race, size, class, sexual orientation, and gender. Dr. Cullen was so honest in her speaking that it blew my mind. Never have I heard an adult joke about such controversial issues but in a way that made them all the more serious. Dr. Cullen spoke a lot about how people can feel invisible as they are not noticed because they have low self-esteem, are shy, or are not as attractive as others. I learned that many people were paying for their whole college education themselves, which as others....
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