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Where you can find the bard.
Shakespeare First off, when it comes to Shakespeare, the most obvious comment is that he is everywhere in culture. He has been the basis of several movies, songs, cultural icons and is personally credited with the creation of several words.
Shakespeare Movies Overall, there have been over 400 movie adaptations of Shakespeare’s work. This list includes: Hamlet The Lion King Sons of Anarchy
Shakespeare Othello, Henry IV (I&II) and The Taming of the Shrew O My Own Private Idaho Ten Things I Hate About You
Shakespeare Romeo and Juliet West Side Story Lion King II Romeo Must Die Gnomeo and Juliet
Shakespeare In regards to music, singers and songwriters have long used Shakespeare’s writing for inspiration.
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Unformatted text preview:Love Story - Taylor Swift Be Still My Beating Heart - Sting Desolation Row - Bob Dylan Kiss Me Kate - Cole Porter Limelight - Rush Exit Music - Radiohead Shakespeare As if all of this were not enough, Shakespeare has also been credited with the creation of countless words and phrases: Dead as a doornail Bloodstained Break the ice Deafening Good-riddance Worthless Shakespeare And then there is all of the artwork that his work has inspired. Shakespeare This is just a small glimpse into how Shakespeare has been incorporated into several aspects of society. The reality is that he exists in a variety of contexts and is even in places where you may not suspect.