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Placidity is having the ability to remain quiet and still - silence is comfortable. It also means being content with an acceptable situation and not always wanting ³more² (i.e. the newest car when your old one works well) Ex: N.A. have few nervous mannerisms. Listening to grandma¹s stories may take a certain amount of placidity. Pragmatism is a practical, common sense, realistic approach to life few illusions, few pretensions. Ex: If a drum cracks, turn it over. Psychology of Oppression The tendency of oppressed people to continue the habits of oppression after the oppressor is gone. Ex: Fighting over scarce resources rather than working together to gain more. Story of crabs in a bucket, Indian crabs pull one another back into the bucket. Respect for Elders
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Unformatted text preview: In an oral society, elders carry language, history and culture and are well cared for. Ex: When an elder tells a story one listens with interest even though perhaps it is the tenth time. Elders are fed first at a powwow. Respect for Mother Earth Earth is seen as a living being (spirit) who provides everything necessary for life and therefore deserves respect. Ex: When taking something you need, always give something back; never exploit your mother. Respect for Nature is a cooperative way of life to function in harmony and balance with nature; we are part of nature, not separate. Ex: Respect is given by not taking more than is necessary and by giving something back, if only a prayer--the same for hunting--take only what you need....
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