be 4 - off the road. They will say, Theres the edge of the...

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Unformatted text preview: off the road. They will say, Theres the edge of the road, pointing out the condition but leaving the decision up to the driver. Interconnectedness is where everything and everyone is connected in the universe in some form. Ex: We are connected to trees because they produce oxygen which we need to breath. Moderation in Speech words have power; use carefully. N.A. are careful in what they say and do not talk for the sake of talking. Ex: Silence is comfortable, it means people are thinking. People speak when they have something to say. Modesty because boasting and loud behavior attracts attention to oneself and may make others feel shame or discomfort, they are discouraged. Modesty regarding one's body is common. Ex: N.A children and adults do not speak freely of their accomplishments; their relatives will brag for them and they can remain humble. Non-authoritarian Authority resides in each individual and power is dispersed--there may be many chiefs, each leads by example. Each person is their own sovereign nation; no Presidents who can tell others what to do. Ex: A leader will have followers because he is good at what he does and makes good decisions. Non-hierarchal An egalitarian society; all roles are recognized as equally valuable. Ex: Men and women are appreciated equally for their contributions e.g. each individual has their own important role in contributing to the group. ...
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