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Orientation to the Present focus on living in the now --"being rather than becoming." You can¹t really live in the past or future. Ex: A medical student may tell you he is studying medicine rather ³going to be a doctor.² Paradox Two contradictory things/ideas may both be true. N.A.s have greater acceptance of paradox; contradictions are acceptable and life is seen as being full of contradictions. Ex: A fire can heat a house as well as burn it down. Patience is necessary for many aspects of N.A. life. Culture is passed down both
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Unformatted text preview: orally and by observation requiring patience to learn. Ex: Story telling, hunting, and beadwork can only be learned with great patience. Permissive Child Rearing learning is self-exploratory rather than restrictive. Children are seldom forbidden to try anything because they learn from experience (and mistakes). Ex: A child will learn balance by exploring walking atop a fence and will not be told, ³Get down, you¹ll hurt yourself.² They may be distracted, however, if it¹s too dangerous....
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