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Importance of Family is a major survival mechanism--of support for each individual. Ex: An uncle will probably get you your first job. Indifference to Ownership Non-materialistic – being a good person is more valued than acquiring material goods/wealth. Ex: The most important person in an Indian town is probably not the banker with the Cadillac, but the clan uncle who is always there for everyone. Indifference to Saving is an attitude which comes from the past where food, clothing, shelter and land were provided by nature and shared by group. Ex: If you can't finish your food you do not save it but rather share it. Indifference to Work Ethic work is done when it is needed to be done--unlike the Puritan Work
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Unformatted text preview: Ethic of work for work's sake. Ex: Do things as needed rather than to ³keep busy². Individual Sense of Justice People take responsibility for their own actions. No police force or courts in the old days; an elders council often settled disputes. Ex: If you kill someone is a fit of rage, you must take that person¹s place in their family, i.e. bring food, firewood, etc Individuality Not telling others what to do; everyone has their own path in life only they know what is best for them. Ex: If the driver in a car full of Osages veers toward the edge of the road, none of the other people will say (or even think) ³Don¹t drive...
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