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be 7 - group connectedness Ex One on one competition in a...

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Communality thinking for the group, holding major resources as a group (e.g. land, buffalo herd). Ex. Taking care to see that everyone has enough of what they need; doing what¹s best for the group insures your own survival. ³If you don¹t take more than you really need, there will always be enough for everyone.² Competition between individuals is discouraged; it separates people and leaves some shamed. Group competition is more comfortable as it strengthens the
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Unformatted text preview: group connectedness. Ex: One on one competition in a game of basketball is less comfortable than teams where you¹re part of a group. Cooperation is highly valued, and rooted in the past when cooperation was necessary for survival of family and group. Cooperation is an effective way of accomplishing large tasks. Ex: Buffalo hunting required cooperation of the group....
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