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Ex: In order to aspire to leadership among the ancient Osage it was expected that you would give away all your possessions three times in your life. It taught you the value of material things and developed bonds between you and those around you. Harmony within the group will create the balance required to achieve goals for the benefit of the group. It promotes cooperation, communality, etc. Ex: If two people are arguing they will leave the group so as not to break the harmony. Also, harmony with the environment avoid building your home on a flood plain. Holistic Approach to Health is treating the whole person not just the illness--
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Unformatted text preview: includes the emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual side of the person. Maintaining the balance of the person. Ex: An Indian doctor will set a child¹s broken arm and will also examine why the child broke his arm. Sickness may be seen as an imbalance within the individual and between them and their universe. Humor as a Survival Mechanism Humor is used to face adversity and get through tough times. Ex: If one lost a foot through diabetes they might joke about not having to Clip their toe nails anymore....
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