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Shame is a mechanism of social control as opposed to guilt. Ex: A person's wrong actions can bring shame on both the person and his/her extended family, so people try to do the right thing. Sharing is a core value held by N.A. It promotes the survival of the group, and is highly valued. Ex: Sharing food among people to stay alive when food is scarce; Osage: aspiring leaders gave away everything three times in their life. Spirituality is a way of life‹everything has a spiritual side/dimension. Everyday is
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Unformatted text preview: Sunday. Ex: If a buffalo is killed--thanks are given for its sacrifice. Synthesis is putting bits of information together to ³know² about something; using prior knowledge to learn something rather than taking something apart. Ex: To learn how a drum works, you don't need to take it apart, but you have tapped a hollow log and thumped on a stretched canvas and this prior knowledge demonstrates the sound mechanism....
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