Passion: Music

Passion: Music - The music that has given me hope when...

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Passion Standing shoulder to shoulder in hot, sweaty conditions, having to rely on the person next to you in order to keep your balance, forced to move at any moment due to the sudden rush of bodies crashing through the crowd. These are just a few moments that are regulars while attending a rock concert. A rock concert is a place where the music is loud and the personalities are nothing short of amazing. It is a place where having tattoos and piercings are a must. The music is unlike any other. The lyrics speak to me with intense feeling and meaning. When I hear the sound of music, it runs adrenaline through my veins causing my hair to stand on command. Music is central to my being. Music is the machine that sparks ideas. It is the agent that expresses my love, hate, and confusion. Music has inspired me to make myself irreplaceable. It has given me a reason to make myself unlike any other. I am myself due to the music.
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Unformatted text preview: The music that has given me hope when there is none and that has sparked my fire for learning. A favorite quote of mine is from Ludwig Van Beethoven, “Music should strike fire from the heart of man, and bring tears from the eyes of woman.” With out the presence of music, the world would be a dreary and cold place. Music is a vent that I use to escape from the everyday problematic issues. Music takes me to far off places that only I can see. Every individual has their own way of relaxing and mine is through music. Music allows me to express myself. There are many genres of music. Everyone has their own and can use that to show off his or her personality. That is what makes music so great. Work Cited Van Beethoven, Ludwig. Ludwig Van Beethoven Quotes . 21 April 2007 < _man/148462.html>...
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Passion: Music - The music that has given me hope when...

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