Exam1-Part A - SAH 105 Spring 2008 Exam#1 Part A(point...

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Exam #1 Part A (point value for this portion = 80) Part A: Your Scantron answer form for this portion of the exam is due no later than the start of class on Monday, March 3 rd . Multiple choice and True/False. Use a No. 2 pencil to mark the Scantron sheet with the best answer to the question or the best completion to the statement. The Berger’s (age 60) hadn’t been at the Get Fit Fast! spa more than 10 minutes when an overly happy attendant in a lime green smock dropped a 15 page health questionnaire on each of their ample laps. Perplexed and feeling slightly less discrete than a Chicken-Q on Capitol Square in their voluminous Team GFF! jumpsuits, Ole & Lena set to the task of filling out the forms. Please help them understand the following questions. 1. “Do you smoke? Do you tend to heavily salt your foods? Would you describe yourself as ‘inactive’?” These are likely questions to determine the presence of risk factors for: a. Thrombus b. Embolus c. Anorexia d. Atherosclerosis 2. “Has a doctor prescribed a daily aspirin for you?” If used as a preventative medicine, aspirin is probably serving as a(n): a. Antidiuretic b. Anticoagulant c. Clot buster d. Fuzz buster 3. “Have you ever experienced discomfort in your chest?” This symptom would likely arise if a portion of the heart muscle was not getting enough blood. Read this carefully: What is the technical term for a “deficiency of blood?” a. Angina b. Anoxia c. Ischemia d. Dyspnea 4. “Do you take a calcium supplement? Are you lactose intolerant? Are you postmenopausal?” (At this last question Ole fidgets uncomfortably with the zipper on his jumpsuit.) These questions are likely to determine the presence of risk factors for: a. Osteoporosis b. Osteopenia c. Osteolavista d. More than one answer above is correct 5. “Have you ever experienced a fracture of the ________?” Which of the following bones would most typically be fractured for someone with a “bone thinning” disease? a. Scapula (“shoulder blade”) b. Femur (thigh bone) c. Metacarpal (bone in the hand) d. Mandible (jaw bone) 6. “Have you ever been told by a physician that you should raise your cholesterol level?” That’s a poorly worded question, isn’t it? They must have meant: “Have you ever. ..you should raise the ______ fraction of your cholesterol?” Which fraction would a person wish to elevate? a.
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This test prep was uploaded on 04/22/2008 for the course SAH 105 taught by Professor Burton during the Spring '08 term at Wisc La Crosse.

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Exam1-Part A - SAH 105 Spring 2008 Exam#1 Part A(point...

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