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SAH 105 Exam 2, Spring 2008 (Part A worth 66 points) Name: Part A: Your Scantron answer form for this portion of the exam is due no later than the start of class on Wednesday, April 2 nd . (Section I, class will begin at 9:50AM instead of 8:50AM. Section II, class will begin at 11:00AM). All late exams will receive a score of zero, nada, nary a thing!!!! Use a No. 2 pencil to mark the Scantron sheet with the best answer to the question or the best completion to the statement. 1. Which individual below is NOT likely to get a travel-related disease? a. A Customs Officer at O’Hare Airport b. A Peace Corp. volunteer in a South American country c. An athlete traveling internationally d. A Sooner (someone who loves the University of Oklahoma) hermit 2. The best advice for the hungry traveler is: a. Eat whatever the locals eat b. Go ahead…enjoy the ham sandwich on the vendor’s cart c. d. Eat the raw fish but drink plenty of stream water afterwards 3. Which of the following medical kit items would be most useful in avoiding vector-borne diseases? a. Insect repellent b. Sunscreen c. Diarrhea remedies d. Nose hair trimmers 4. Which of the following diseases might afflict a visitor to La Crosse? a. Lyme Disease b. Traveler’s diarrhea c. Sexually transmitted diseases d. Any of the above 5. Natural disasters can precipitate a rapid spread of disease particularly where hygiene is poor. Though all forms of disease transmission might increase, which would particularly result from the inappropriate human waste disposal? a. Fomite b. Vector c. Aerosol d. Oral/fecal 6. According to the CDC, as many as 100,000 people each year become sick with ciguatera poisoning. ( http:// wwwn.cdc.gov/travel/yellowBookCh6-FoodPoisoningMarine.aspx ) This toxin might be found in snapper, grouper, and sea bass among other fish. What can be done to destroy ciguatera in the fish you plan to eat? a. Thoroughly cook the fish. b. Smoke the fish. (No, not in a pipe!) c. Freeze the fish prior to cooking. d. No method of food preparation destroys ciguatera. 7. If you are traveling abroad, it’s also worthwhile to visit the U.S. Department of State website 1
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SAH 105 Exam 2, Spring 2008 (Part A worth 66 points) Name: ( http://travel.state.gov/ ). There you will find a very recent (3/13/08) travel alert for Tunisia. The alert has been issued because of:
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This test prep was uploaded on 04/22/2008 for the course SAH 105 taught by Professor Burton during the Spring '08 term at Wisc La Crosse.

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Spring08Exam2PartA - SAH 105 Exam 2, Spring 2008 (Part A...

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