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Government Role - means the more that will get accomplished...

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Government Role In today’s society, government plays a big part of an individual’s daily life whether that be going to the post office or going to school. In my opinion, government plays too big of a part of someone’s life. The correct role of a government in a democratic society should only be to mediate the events that occur in an individual’s daily life. By doing this, the problems facing one will be clearer instead of just having all of the proceedings of daily life be pushed upon an individual at an overwhelming rate. This will cause more to become involved in politics. The more involved in politics
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Unformatted text preview: means the more that will get accomplished. One situation that I am referring to is myself in particular. If the government did a better job of explaining what is actually going on in the world then I would most definitely become more interested. I feel that the government assumes that the average citizen understands all of the face pace occurrences that come about in the world of politics. I do not understand and I do know if I am the only one that feels this way. By explaining better the situations at hand, average citizens will ultimately become more interested in politics....
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