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Personal Essay - Personal Essay Ever since 1776 when the...

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Personal Essay Ever since 1776 when the United States officially became a nation, minorities have been involved in the shaping and molding this nation’s identity. Some certain events that have occurred were slavery and the Indian Removal Act. These events have caused the United States to reform to meet the needs of many different individual’s ethnicities. With the emerging amounts of ethnicities came the immense counts of racism. White was made the majority due to the overwhelming amount of Europeans that came to the New World. This caused them to gain a sense of dominance over all other races thus creating overwhelming racism toward them. After taking this course, I know have a much better insight into minority cultures. One culture in particular that I have a better insight into is the Native American culture. I never realized the horrible treatment that was directed toward the Native American culture. After watching the “Lighting the Seventh Fire” film I was very upset with the White individuals that were treating the Native Americans like they weren’t human. Those Native Americans have been fishing in the lakes for centuries and just recently the White individuals decide to rebel against them. Why exactly though? The only reason I could think of was that because the White individuals couldn’t catch as much fish as them. I really don’t know what the big deal with
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Personal Essay - Personal Essay Ever since 1776 when the...

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