Nuclear Weapons - Nuclear Weapons Different category of...

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Different category of weapons because they are very destructive They are highly indiscriminate in the terms of what they destroy Once they explode, the consequences are devastating They have altered the nature of international politics in a number of ways This is not a continuation in the development of arms, it is very different Nuclear weapons are composed of a nuclear warhead and a delivery system The nuclear warhead is a bomb Different warheads will have different strengths, based on the size and explosive capacity The delivery system has serious implications in terms of debate What is their range? Where are the delivery systems based? Are they fixed in one place or can they be moved around? The U.S. and Russia have far more nuclear weapons than any other country They are destroying older weapons, trying to reduce their arsenals Does mutually assured destruction make sense in the post cold-war period Nuclear Deterrence vs. Nuclear Defence Nuclear deterrence is a nuclear strategy It is a particular way of using nuclear weapons It is to deter or prevent an attack against you with nuclear weapons Deterrence is preventing a nuclear war in the first place Having nuclear weapons is to make sure there is no nuclear war MAD or mutually assured destruction Any use of nuclear weapons will make every country use their nuclear weapons and everything will be destroyed This prevents nuclear weapons from being used Certain warheads and delivery systems become important Bigger bombs, such as the H bomb actually assures destruction The Soviet Union and the U.S. had tons of nuclear weapons to make sure one would hit their target Strategic nuclear weapons are where the weapons are targeted They were possessed by the super powers in the Cold War and aimed at the other super power They were fairly long range Initially a bomber would drop a nuclear bomb (first delivery system) They would take off from the United States and deliver the bomb to their targets and then leave The next delivery system was ICBM, intercontinental ballistic missile
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Nuclear Weapons - Nuclear Weapons Different category of...

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