Mexico November

Mexico November - Monday, November 5, 2007 Mexico: 11-5-07...

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M o n d a y ,   N o v e m b e r   5 ,   2 0 0 7 Mexico: 11-5-07   An early morning to head out for my first full week of volunteering. This morning was a bit chilly as Holly and I caught our bus around 7:15 or so. After a normal bumpy bus ride we made it to the clinic. It was a bit slow today at the clinic. We really didn't get going with patients until around 10 or so. I just chatted with the therapists and showed them online where Michigan was and the Porkies. It was kind of fun to share with them! For most of the day I was in and out of rooms helping the therapists or just watching. I gave a few ultrasounds and also got to help Lupita with a group of kids. The kids got to go through like a fun obstacle course like a little playground with slides, crawling, and climbing up stairs and stuff. It was fun helping lead the kids around! By the time I knew it lunch time was here. ...they always serve us great food. Then I had another slow hour of therapy. There is not as many patients at the clinic right now, compared to the past. Hopefully things pick up. Today Holly and I also got to meet the director of the clinic. He was very nice and invited us to go to the villages some time with him to do therapy. Well at 2:00 we headed out to catch our bus. I fell asleep on our hot bus ride. I ended up bumping my head on the seat in front of my when we hit a bump. ..Holly says I was more than passed out! Once we arrived home. was pretty warm out. I chatted with Gerardo for a little bit and then gained some energy by doing some exercises. Then I talked with my roommates about their day and went for a long walk. On my walk I got some tea at a little store to bring to the clinic and share with them. Since they give us free meals. I plan on bringing in some candy in for them because they are always munching on sweets or gum from their candy jar. I arrived back in time for dinner. Then I got to some e-mailing and chatted online with mi madre. It was a nice time chatting. Well, I think I'm going to try to get a little journaling done and head to bed early again. With these long days, I think as much as I don't want to be an early bird, its important to have a good nights sleep! Buenas Noches!! Posted by Carla at  5:52 PM   0 comments   S u n d a y ,   N o v e m b e r   4 ,   2 0 0 7 Mexico: Day 62   So last night after a nap, I got ready with a group of us to go out and meet up with Prisma. It was a very squishy taxi ride trying to fit 6 of us in one taxi. ..... usually they don't let you do that, but hey my leg that Andrew was sitting on felt like it was going to fall off, but we saved some money. It was an adventure! Once downtown we ended up seeing Theresa, Natalie, Gerardo, and their families at this one bar we were at the night before with live music. Prisma soon saw us and we headed in this bar/dance club called Plazuela. It was a tiny place but had cheap drinks and lively music. We all had fun dancing the night away. I danced with a few Mexican guys, which I usually don't do but they we actually not all touchy feelly like the rest so that was nice! Prisma also had brought two of her friends with, it made for a nice sized
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Mexico November - Monday, November 5, 2007 Mexico: 11-5-07...

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