Mexico December

Mexico December - Wednesday, December 5, 2007...

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W e d n e s d a y ,   D e c e m b e r   5 ,   2 0 0 7 Mexico:12-5-07   Last day of service learning and I was a bit sad about it! I woke up early after a pretty hard night's sleep. I wasn't feeling the greatest, sinus drainage and no energy but I had a nice morning bus ride and then got off at the Zocalo early. I got a fruit and yogurt thing I had been wanted to try. was super good and overflowing. I put it in my to go mug and walked to the dollar store to pick up some last minute gifts for the kids at the clinic. I made it to work pretty much on Mexico time and then went to visit Holly to finish making our thank you card for the clinic and leave Lupita a note and the bag of gifts. It was a kind of down day for everyone it seemed. Holly and I then went around and gave out our cookies. But I don't know what it was about today but I just felt like they were kind of cranky at the clinic and I was also lacking energy and sad. It stayed pretty busy for a while doing ultrasounds and trying to make the most out of my last day. Margaret and I had some good talks and it was sad to hear how she said they are not very happy that she is back in the PT wing and I could see that. Oh Margaret. I also really had no appetite and drank tons of liquids, which I believe helped the sore throat/drainage. It took me all morning/early afternoon to finish my smoothie thing. Anyways, time went by and then before I knew it Laura was there to met us for lunch. We said our goodbyes and it took a long time so we got a later start but I was just forgetting time and trying to enjoy it instead. It was in the back of my mind though some of the girls telling me that I need to be back to help with stuff for the closing ceremony. It's hard because we are the only group that has worked full time and others don't really understand that we haven't had time to do everything else. But it will all work out in the end! It always does. ....we had some awesome sandwiches at this little cafe I had been interested in that was on the side street and outside down the road from our clinic. They were good and super cheap with was nice! Holly, Laura, and I had a nice chat and then I departed ways with them and they went out with Nicholas and I went downtown. The weather was changing and it was starting to rain but not too hard so I could still walk. I was also gaining more energy which was nice. I went to this skirt shop and got a nice white Mexican skirt and shirt. Then I headed to the artisan market for one last time and got my final gifts purchased. Then I saw this vender lady who is friends of Sophia named Gloria and I said goodbyes to her and chatted and had some extra cookies from work and got to share them with her. It felt nice to have this final experience at the market and with the wonderful warm people of this culture. I then walked and caught a bus after going for a while and then running a little bit to jump on one (since they are so rare.) I got off a little early to walk the rest of the way
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Mexico December - Wednesday, December 5, 2007...

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