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CSE140 – Fall 2006 Homework #8 CSE140 Homework #8 Due date: Thursday, 11/21/06 You must show ALL steps for obtaining the solution. Just reporting the correct answer, without showing work performed at each step will result in getting 0 points for that problem. Problems : 1. From the textbook: a. Problem 5.12 b. Problem 6.23 c. Problem 7.24, and describe it in Verilog
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Unformatted text preview: d. Problem 10.8 e. Problem 8.22 2. Describe a 4-bit bit-serial adder in Verilog. 3. The following figures show internal structure of a multiplexer-based logic block of ACTEL FPGA. Implement the following function by connecting input ports to proper signals. Ports can be connected to x, y, z, their complements, 0 and 1. F= x+yz F=x.y +zx +zy...
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