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Korean 205: Second Year Korean II (WI 2008) The Ohio State University Call Number : 12294-1 Credit : 05 Time : 9:30 to 10:48 AM (M, W, F) Classroom : HH 45 (M, W) / HH 71 (F) Instructor: Kyoungrok Ko (2 ) ko.82@osu.edu 614. 292.3737, Hagerty Hall 372 Learning Materials: 1. Textbook: Cho et. al. (2000) Integrated Korean: Intermediate 1 Integrated Korean Workbook: Intermediate 1 2. Audio files for lessons can be found at: http://www.hawaii.edu/uhpress/realaudio/klear/int1/ http://languagelab.bh.indiana.edu/korean.html 3. Grammar and Vocabulary Guides for Workbook Homework are on CARMEN. 4. Supplementary materials are to be handed out. Course Description: This course is to help students increase communication skills in Korean language. Through an integrated work of listening, speaking, reading and writing, this course aims to increase fluency and accuracy in Korean. This course particularly emphasizes the ability to use Korean in a real-life-like situation or task with culturally appropriate and acceptable manners. The course covers lessons 3 to 7 of Integrated Korean: Intermediate1 Goals/Rationale : OSU Korean language courses are designed to develop students’ communicative skills in Korean and broaden students’ understanding of ethnic, cultural, social and economic life of the Korean people, with the purpose of helping students meet and cope with the changes and needs of globalization. Learning Objectives: 1. Understanding and producing basic communicative exchanges in Korean. 2. Reading and writing paragraph-level texts and writing verb/adjective conjugations accurately. 3. Being able to perform basic communicative functions such as expressing polite requests, purchasing items, negotiating prices, expressing hesitation, asking advices, writing personal letters, giving and responding to compliments, asking for and giving directions, and making telephone calls. 4. Understanding and acquiring culturally appropriate manners/behaviors involved in the language use. 1
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Classroom performance 50% Homework 15% Midterm Exam 10% Final exam (written + oral) 20% Final presentation 5% Course grade A 100-91.01 A- 91.00-87.01 B+ 87.00-83.01 B 83.00-79.01 B- 79.00-75.01 C+ 75.00-71.01 C 71.00-67.01 C- 67.00 -63.01 D+ 63.00-59.01 D 59.00-55.01 E 55 below Important Information (1) OSU E-mail Account: Email messages will be sent to your OSU email address. Check your OSU email account regularly. (2) Check Carmen (OSU’s Web-based course management system) for your grade on a daily basis. (http://carmen.osu.edu) Guideline Classroom Performance (1) ACT Classes Conducted entirely in Korean, with focus on oral performance with cultural appropriate manners. Performance in all ACT sessions comprises 30% of your final grade. Conversation performance:
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K205_Syllabus_WI08 - Korean 205: Second Year Korean II (WI...

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