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131 - Grammar 131 5 £25131 74 Elia—7‘ 9&3“ Q°l...

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Unformatted text preview: Grammar 131 5. £25131 74% Elia—7‘] 9&3“ Q°l $349 94.3114 (7H4). Ellx]: .1312] 9%01-E 9143a] flail fl—‘Efll . .. 1:51.113 1% ______(él 5114). G63 Indirect quotation: ~41 at}, ~}:L]:3'_/(_9.)L]:31 611:}, ~(3)E}3'— an}, ~Z}3'_ an} C. Translate into Korean. Use indirect discourse in ~31 {SW}. 1. He 2. He 3. He 4. He 5. He 6. He 7. He 8. He says he is a freshman in college. says he goes to the same school With his elder brother. says he went to school. says he will be at school this afternoon. is asking if you (he, she) go to the gym to exercise. is asking Where Lincoln Center is. is asking who that person is. says, “Let’s eat lunch.” (He is saying that we should eat lunch.) 9. Mother says, “Eat breakfast." (Mother says to eat breakfast.) ...
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