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Jake Murphy 3/20/08 10AM Group 14 Annotated Bibliography Leone, Richard C. Updated March 12, 2008. Equality and Education. Available from the internet, , accessed March 20, 2008. This was a useful website with good information. The article in this website focused on the differences in the education that children of varying socioeconomic statuses receive. It showed how middle class schools provide better teachers as well as better resources necessary for teaching. The article also pointed out how teachers would much rather work in a middle class level school even if the pay in a lower class is equal to or more than what the middle class pays. The environment of a middle class school is much better for learning and teaching. Leone, Jack. Updated March 18, 2008. Child Trends. Washington DC: Available on the Internet, , accessed March 20, 2008. This website was useful in describing the trends of children who live in
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