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Commentary Four - GreetingLine BCA 210-4pm Commentary Four...

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Jake Murphy 5/12/09 BCA 210-4pm Commentary Four- Boston Blackie Boston Blackie is about a man from Boston who is somewhat of a hero. He helps a woman who lost a diamond that she considered a very prized possession. She needed the diamond because of her marriage that was scheduled a few days from when she noticed that the diamond was missing. The woman believes the diamond was stolen and she notifies Boston Blackie. Boston Blackie sets out to find the diamond and when he gets to the house of George Atwater, a man that Blackie believes may have been the culprit he is busted by the police while he is searching Atwater’s house for the diamond. The police just so happened to come into the house when Blackie found the diamond in Atwater’s house. They said that because Blackie had the Jonathon Diamond in his hand when the police came in he was guilty of stealing the diamond. The police say they have a case strong enough against him to lock him up in prison for ten years. The police give
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