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Escanaba in da Moonlight

Escanaba in da Moonlight - actually felt sleepy One of the...

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Jake Murphy TAI 170 Mon-Wed 5pm Escanaba in da Moonlight I found Escanaba in da Moonlight to be a very interesting play. I thought that the actors overall did pretty good however there were a couple minor flaws that I found throughout the course of the play. I thought the accent’s of the actors were pretty good although I noticed one time that a few of the actors started their lines without the accent. It wasn’t extremely noticeable however if you were looking for it, you defiantly caught it. The lead actor I thought was very good. He didn’t make any mistakes at all and I thought he was perfect for the part. In the show that I saw there was a small mistake made by the technicians in the play. They accidentally messed up with the lighting, or at least I thought they did. One of the backlights came on, and it just didn’t look like it was supposed to happen. Whether it was supposed to happen or not, it was fixed promptly. I thought the play was decently funny which was good because at times I kind of got a little bit bored and
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Unformatted text preview: actually felt sleepy. One of the only things that I didn’t really like about the play is that I don’t think they did a good job at keeping the audience interested the whole entire time. At times I felt like I was just kind of waiting for something to happen. Overall I think the play was a pretty good play, I don’t know if I would see it again but I was glad we had to see it. I think that I would recommend it to people who are into going to plays as a hobby; I don’t think it is particularly a great play to recommend to the normal everyday person. I thought the actors did a pretty good job at putting this play on and I would give the performance a B rating, so above average. Another thing I liked about the play was the costumes, I thought whoever was in charge Jake Murphy TAI 170 Mon-Wed 5pm of the costumes did a good job. All in all a good performance, I am glad that we had to go see this play....
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