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Professionalism - GreetingLine 10AM Group 14...

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Jake Murphy 10AM Group 14 2/18/08 Professionalism What is professionalism? At the beginning of this semester if someone had asked me that question I would have replied, “Being on time and being responsible?” The truth is, I didn’t really know the correct answer to that question. Throughout the course of this semester, I believe that this class has broadened my understanding of the term professionalism. Coming into this semester, my answer to that question was so basic and plain. That no longer is the case, combined with knowledge from the reading, class time learning, and knowledge gained from guest speakers the term professionalism means so much more to me. I believe that when analyzing the term professionalism the most important traits of the term are commitment, behavior, and integrity. These three characteristics, in my opinion, are the most important in regards to professionalism and especially for the teaching profession. Commitment to teaching is extremely important to the profession today. The world is in need of good teachers. Within the term commitment comes an array of different traits that are used in judging a teacher’s commitment. From interest and enthusiasm for teaching to putting in the time that is needed for a quality job to be done (BJ 37). From being not only interested in the school community but also being involved in it to using appropriate support and resources in order to be the best they can be (BJ 37). “When you are looking for a teaching job, you must be willing to be involved in extra-curricular activities and sports coaching (Jim Tate, 2/6/08).” As Mr. Tate said, you have to be willing to be involved if you plan on working in the teaching profession. He also reiterated what I had stated earlier in the course “The reason I want to become a
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Jake Murphy 10AM Group 14 2/18/08 teacher is fairly simple. I really enjoy working with kids and I have always thought that
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