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Reflective Paper - Jake Murphy 10AM Group 14 Reflective...

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Jake Murphy 4/10/08 10AM Group 14 Reflective Paper Over the course of this class I have definitely learned a great deal. I never really understood or knew all the different aspects that there are to teaching. I have learned the most from the field observations, guest speakers, and reading from the book. These activities really changed my perception of teaching. They also reinforced my decision to become a teacher. As a result of my experiences from this class I look at teaching in a totally different way. When I was a kid, I always thought that teaching would be and easy job and that I could teach better than the teachers I had could. Going through this class made me realize that teaching is not as easy as some people would like to think. When I did my observations I noticed many things that I never picked up on as a student in the classroom. I was able to see the challenges that teachers face on a daily basis. They must deal with kids who do not want to be at school or learn and kids that often misbehave just to cause problems for the teacher every single day. Teachers also have to deal with unreasonable parents who assume that if their child is performing poorly, it must be the teacher’s fault and have nothing to do with their kid. Teachers go through this and they still love what they do because they want to make a difference in each one of their student’s lives. The guest speakers throughout the semester did nothing but give great advice and provide good facts about the profession. They helped me to understand things that you will go through while you are teaching, especially in the first couple years. The readings and chapter quizzes gave me more knowledge on some of the legal and administrative aspects of the occupation. Most of this information I had never heard
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Jake Murphy 4/10/08 10AM Group 14 before and did not know that it even existed. I learned a lot on the No Child Left Behind Act. I had heard of the act before but didn’t really know what it all entailed.
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