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Jake Murphy 1/15/07 EDU 107-10am Response #1- Rationale Teaching is one of the most important professions around now a days. It is important because teachers are the ones that educate tomorrow’s police officers, doctors, soldiers, or even a future president. The reason I want to become a teacher is fairly simple. I really enjoy working with kids and I have always thought that there weren’t enough good quality teachers around to teach kids. I have worked with kids primarily through Vacation Bible School at my church where I was a camp counselor for five straight years. While there I learned that I loved working with kids and that teaching may one day be a good career for me. I was always told that I was excellent with kids, and ever since then I realized what a joy it is to work with kids. At the beginning of this course the biggest reason why I want to teach is the kids.
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Unformatted text preview: Aside from that however there are a couple other reasons I want to teach. I plan on being either an English, history, or physical education teacher or a combination of two. So my reasoning with that is I loved all three of those subjects throughout my schooling years, so much so that I could see myself doing the same thing when I get out of college. Plus, how many other professions allow you to work for eight months and have a whole summer off? Another reason that I love the idea of teaching is that I had so many wonderful teachers and many that really inspired me, so its not hard for me to think of myself waking up every morning and going back to school this time as a teacher. These to me are very strong reasons that point me in the direction of becoming a teacher....
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