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Microtheme 4: Annotated Bibliography_________________ ___50pts Due: Monday 4/14 This microtheme asks you to locate, summarize, and evaluate sources in order to get a sense of the scholarly conversation surrounding your topic for Paper 3. You’ll want to identify what is at stake in this larger conversation, to reflect on what other commentators have to say about why this issue is significant, paying attention to the differences and similarities between their perspectives. In addition, you’ll need to do some thinking about how you might find your own voice in this critical conversation. How will your comparative analysis of films contribute to an existing discussion about a critical issue? While the short-term objective of this microtheme is to equip you to write a strong final essay for the course, its larger goal is to familiarize you with the research process, with how analytical writers find, evaluate, and draw upon sources in order to advance their own ideas. Your annotated bibliography will include
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