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chapter 5 - Chapter 5: Management Teaching Perspective...

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Chapter 5: Management Teaching Perspective Chapter 5 deals with public relations as a management function. Indeed, counseling management is the pinnacle of public relations work. Although in the past, some CEOs may have relegated the field to a secondary status in terms of seeking counsel; today a smart CEO will always weigh public relations advice against legal advice. This is particularly important today, when CEOs have become among the most suspect of employees. The scandals of the first years of the 21 st century – implicating the top managers of top companies like Enron, Tyco, Adelphia, WorldCom, etc. -- have cast a public relations pall over the whole class of chief executive officers. This chapter draws a line of distinction in emphasizing the importance of “reputation management.” The chapter seeks to inform students that public relations work —truly high-level public relations work—is much more than seeking publicity and writing news releases. It involves advising management on “doing the right thing.” Specifically, the chapter discusses the scope of the field as a management discipline in both companies and agencies. It discusses the distinct role of public relations professionals as “boundary mangers.” It also discusses the organization of public relations departments, what the field pays, and challenges relative to the field’s diversity. This chapter discusses public relations planning and objective setting and the pivotal function that public relations plays in a management system within the organization. It underscores how public relations objectives must relate to the organization’s larger goals. Subject of the “Voice of Authority” interview in Chapter 5 is arguably America’s foremost management consultant, the late Dr. Peter Drucker. I interviewed Dr. Drucker for a few years before his death, and the interview focuses on his views of the practice of public relations. The historic Exxon Valdez public relations debacle is the subject of the chapter’s Case Study. Among topics discussed in Chapter 5 are: Management process of public relations. Reporting to top management. Conceptualizing the public relations plan. Creating the public relations plan. Activating the public relations plan. Setting public relations objectives. Budgeting for public relations. 29
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Implementing public relations programs. The public relations department. The public relations agency. Reputation management. Where are the jobs? What Does it pay? Women and minorities. Speaking of Ethics: Super-Sized Duplicity Morgan Spurlock was a Michael Moore wannabe, who made it. His anti-McDonald’s movie propelled the obscure film producer into a position of priority status in Hollywood. But the fact was that Spurlock was guilty of duplicity in dealing with the fast food
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chapter 5 - Chapter 5: Management Teaching Perspective...

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