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chapter 9 - Part III The Publics Chapter 9 Print Media...

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Part III: The Publics Chapter 9: Print Media Relations Teaching Perspective Chapter 9 focuses on the activity with which public relations is most inextricably associated, dealing with the media and attracting publicity. Traditionally, most public relations people migrated from the print media. That is no longer typically the case, as public relations education has become the norm. However, dealing with the media is still the central focus of most public relations activity. Students should understand that when most executives speak about “public relations,” they most often think in terms of dealing with the media and attracting positive publicity. Publicity is explored here in depth – how to pitch a story, the value of publicizing an organization, how to measure publicity, how to attract publicity through traditional channels as well as the Internet, and so on. Since there is no more fundamental skill in the field, students should have a firm grasp of the power and value of publicity. This chapter introduces students to the media and all their peculiarities and idiosyncrasies – from the possibility of objectivity in reporting to the pressures on journalists to produce entertaining copy to the impact on journalism of the Internet to the proper relationship between public relations professional and reporter. Subject of the “Voice of Authority” interview in Chapter 9 is journalist and public relations critic John Stauber, making his only appearance in a public relations text book. Students should enjoy the view of this avowed enemy of our field. (He’s really a pussy cat!) The case is an hypothetical one that should spark student discussion. Among topics discussed in Chapter 9 are: Number one medium. Objectivity of the media. The Internet factor. Dealing with the media. Attracting publicity. Value of publicity. Pitching publicity. Online publicity. Dealing with the wires. Measuring publicity. 56
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Handling print interviews. Press conferences. Speaking of Ethics: Condemning the Prize-Winning Wire Photo Recent years have seen increased focus on the media for publishing stories and photos that test the bounds of ethics and propriety. The Bush administration has been particularly vigilant in attacking the press, for stories that reveal confidential national security data, in such areas as financial accounts and telephone and Internet conversations. In this case, the charges against the Associated Press photographer―that he
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chapter 9 - Part III The Publics Chapter 9 Print Media...

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