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chapter 10

chapter 10 - Chapter 10 Electronic Media Relations Teaching...

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Chapter 10: Electronic Media Relations Teaching Perspective Chapter 10 discusses the relevance of the electronic media—TV and radio—to public relations professionals. Notwithstanding the power of the Internet, we still live in a “television age,” -- intensified by the advent of 24/7 cable TV and talk radio, which dominate the current events dialogue. For decades, public relations professionals were trained as print writers. In the old days, the vast majority of public relations people emanated from print journalism. Today, of course, many public relations professionals enter the field, after studying at fine university public relations courses. While the knowledge of print is still vital in public relations work, knowledge of electronic media also is imperative. Increasingly, as the statistics cited in the chapter suggest, television cable and broadcast news, and entertainment dominate the thinking of vast numbers of our fellow citizens. The issues discussed on TV and radio “talk” —the most inexpensive form of entertainment programming—dominate the national dialogue. Newspapers, the more comprehensive and informative medium, alas, have taken a backseat. In any event, television has become vitally important as an internal and external medium for public relations practitioners, as has talk radio. So it is important, therefore, that students understand the limitations and possibilities of the electronic media. In particular, they should be sensitized to just how much information TV can’t deliver and why it is important, therefore, always to read and investigate more fully than a television news story. Subject of the “Voice of Authority” Interview in Chapter 10 is cable talk show host Rita Cosby, one of the most hardworking, straightforward, and approachable TV journalists. Subject of the chapter’s Case Study is the real-life experience of a friend of mine, when he was public relations director of the bank that came face-to-face with “ 60 Minutes .” It makes an excellent class room discussion. Among topics discussed in Chapter 10 are: 24/7 Television News. Handling Television interviews. Video news releases. VNR caveats. Satellite media tours. Public service announcements. Growth of talk radio. Securing radio publicity. 63
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Speaking of Ethics: Judging the Judge at American Idol No TV program was bigger than American Idol. Idol mania swept the nation, as millions of Americans voted first with their views and then with their pocketbooks to propel unknown performers, from Kelly Clarkson to Clay Aiken, to international stardom. That’s why Fox had to taken seriously the accusations against
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chapter 10 - Chapter 10 Electronic Media Relations Teaching...

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